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March 20, 2020Lyon Place Admin

The Best Ways To Practice Social Distancing in a Clarendon Apartment

freshly baked bread

The month of March has not been off to the best start, but hopefully the Coronavirus cases will begin to decrease in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, it’s prudent for all community members to practice social distancing and help keep the virus at bay. 

While you are likely spending an increased amount of time in your home, there are plenty of great ways to stay busy and socially clued in without leaving the house. Try these three activities over the next few weeks to maximize time indoors and away from others. 

Bake Bread

You may have seen examples on social media, but it seems like everyone is slowing down a notch and baking bread from scratch. There are easy recipes online for first-timers, and there is something truly satisfying about making something so delicious with so few ingredients. The social support and general positivity that come from sharing your fresh-from-the-oven masterpiece can help you feel connected to others online — all while learning a new skill, and feeding yourself. It’s a win-win!

Time for Spring Cleaning

If you’re sitting around the house, you might as well get it ready for the new season. Take this time to do the deep clean your apartment has needed all winter long. Now is a great time to dust, vacuum, and swiffer to rid your home of some of the spring allergans. Scrub your stovetop, clean your oven, and wipe out the microwave. As you’re tidying up, consider if there are any clothes or home decor items that are ready to be donated or tossed. We’ve all been spending more time at home lately, so it’s going to get dirty quicker than ever. Take this time to de-clutter and deep clean!

Catch Up on Popular Netflix Shows 

You officially have permission to binge watch this year’s most popular shows. With government leadership making it clear that staying at home is best for everyone, now is as good a time as any to kick back and relax with a good TV show. Some popular options on Netflix right now include the miniseries ‘Tiger King’, sitcom ‘Schitt’s Creek’, reality show ‘Love is Blind’, and the newest season of the crime thriller Ozark. Even if you’re not the type to ordinarily watch much TV, these shows can help you stay connected to friends and family who are watching the same programs during these tough times. 

Though many of our residents moved to Clarendon for the accessibility, dining, and entertainment options, the smartest choice for everyone right now is to stay put. Luckily, Lyon Place apartments are bright, spacious, and comfortable, making them a great place to hunker down for the next few weeks while social distancing. Even better — Trader Joe’s is located on the ground floor of the building so it’s easy to stock up on food and necessities to help you stay healthy!