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January 1, 2019Lyon Place Admin

Accessibility in Clarendon: A Car Free Diet

Lyon Place was built in one of the most public-transit friendly regions of the country. Just minutes from the DC boundary, Clarendon is located directly on two major metro lines, boasts numerous bus routes, and offers miles of bike trails, making it an excellent spot for those who opt to commute without a car.


Located along the orange and silver lines, the underground metro system offers Clarendon residents a direct ride straight into downtown DC. With generally reliable service and trains arriving every 3-5 minutes during rush hour, it’s the best way to avoid the morning gridlock on the roads and to get to work in the city. Additionally, Lyon Place residents have an underground route to the metro making it a great way to avoid inclement weather during their commute.


The ART transit options are surprisingly comprehensive considering how little they’re talked about. There are five key bus routes that move community members around various neighborhoods in Northern VA and pick up and drop off directly at convenient metro stations. Most of the shuttles run every 20-30 minutes and offer riders a clean, sustainable option for getting around. The #41, #42, #45, #62, and #77 serve the Clarendon community.


Like many growing cities, Arlington is working hard to improve its bike infrastructure. Currently, the Clarendon neighborhood has a bike score of 73. This is a solid start with room for improvement. The quieter back roads make it easy for cyclists to fit in a ride and proximity to bike trails makes it relatively safe for bikers who want to pedal to work in DC.


With a walkscore of 93, Clarendon has all the essentials within an easy stroll for most residents. Sure, you can hop in your car for trips further out or to attend to the occasional errand, but for groceries, dining, entertainment, and shopping, everything you could possibly want is just a short distance away.

At Lyon Place, our residents enjoy plentiful alternative transit options as well as climate-controlled underground parking for those who own cars.